The Best Accountability Coach Gig on Fiverr

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I bought this accountability coach gig on Fiverr.

Here is what I received shortly after ordering the gig. A note from the accountability coach, Brooke Selb of ​Wrecking Routine

What is your overall goal?

To stick to an eating plan.

The purpose is to lose weight but the goal, in this case, is to stick to a plan. I can do it. For the most part, I sabotage my success by slacking off after the initial pounds come off. I know this is common but I really want to get past it!

What daily steps will you take towards achieving that goal?

I want to track my daily food intake using the LoseIt App and not exceed 2400 net calories per day. Every day. Track every meal. No excuses.

I’d like to focus on tracking food intake over hitting a certain calorie count, however. Even if I overeat, I still expect myself to track every bite.

Which steps (all, or some) do you want to be held accountable for?

Ah! I guess I already specified this one. The question will be if I tracked food on the previous day.

When do you want your accountability coaching to begin?

Asap. Well, let’s say on Monday, January 27th, 2020.

What timezone are you in?


How do you want to be held accountable?

Note: You can choose to have your daily check-ins come via Facebook messaging, Fiverr messaging, personal email, Voxer, or What’s App. Specify the TWO ways you want your accountability to happen. Why two? Because if I do not hear back from you with one system, I will follow up with you on the other.

I want to use Fiverr messaging and not offer a backup. I understand that if I don’t reply to a given message on Fiverr, I lose out on that day.

I haven’t started the actual accountability coaching yet.

But plan to report on the results. I’ll give an update to this post if I remember:)

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