I Hired this Guy to Find my Purpose in Life for $5

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I found this gig on Fiverr, which promised to help find my purpose in life. A life purpose on a silver platter for only $5? I’m in!

My expectations were appropriate as well. The last thing I expected was to nail my purpose in life for a fiverr! Still, this gig was genuinely helpful.

So how did this Fiverr gig turn out?

Here’s what Victor had to say after I fill out his life purpose questionnaire.

Thank you for filling out the Life Purpose Questionnaire. After reviewing your answers, here is my report:

The amazing thing about filling out this questionnaire is that your answers can reveal to you the things that you are curious about or searching for.

With that being said, it is very clear to me that the focus of your Life Purpose is ​teaching​. What exactly your life purpose will be I can’t say, as it will always be a process you will need to undergo to figure out, but I can give you insight as to the area your life purpose lies.

The first thing that pops out to me is your love for nature, or more specifically traveling. You mentioned that going on a mission was when you were completely fulfilled and at peace – I would start there.

I also notice that you enjoy making money and being successful. This is great to have ambition as many people don’t make the most of the opportunities that arrive at their front door.

My advice is to question whether what you’d love to spend the rest of your life doing will make you the money you want – because these two desires can really go against each other.

It may be that traveling and teaching a specific subject is what you really want to do, and is what would make you the most fulfilled, but it may not make you the most money or success. There is no way for me to know – I recommend looking into this deeply and contemplating it seriously.

My conclusion is that your life purpose lies in the area of teaching.

Your life purpose also includes some form of traveling or being outside. You have great ambition which will definitely take you far and help you overcome many of the obstacles that hold others back. Be careful though – look into your desire for money and success and question if it could possibly hold you back from getting what you actually want – fulfillment and joy.

I recommend contemplating the highlighted questions deeply over the next few weeks. I also recommend sticking to your strengths and using them as much as you can – really try to figure out how you can fully utilize your strengths in your career.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey of life. I hope you are able to find that path which makes you completely fulfilled and happy, that path which makes you excited to wake up in the morning, and that path which you don’t want to take a vacation from. My last piece of advice is to always follow your heart and what you feel is right – you can never go wrong.

Good luck and thank you. – Victor B.