I purchased a Fiverr business advice gig and was shocked!

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So I bought a Fiverr business advice gig.

If you read this entire post, I am confident that you will be as shocked as I was about how cool and effective and thorough the advice is.

This is how I characterized the issue to give to the Fiverr advice gig dude. It’s a true story:)

I have a “grass is greener” issue. I run my own business along with my wife. The issue is that – regardless of the project I am working on, I’d rather be working on something else.

The content of the project doesn’t seem to matter. As long as I am working on it, other projects are more attractive. As a result, I end up scattered and less productive than I would be if I stayed focused on the task at hand.

This could be a rebellious attitude – not wanting to do whatever is expected of me in the moment, even though I may also expect it of myself. Or…?

I know the bottom line solution – get over it and focus on the task at hand. But I don’t seem to care that much about getting over it when it comes right down to it.

And this lands me in a conundrum. How do I fix something that I am not all that committed to fixing? lol. I hear the words “get over yourself” running through my head now.

Still, it’s an issue. I’d love to hear your thoughts. No pressure – just batting ideas around:)

And this is the Fiverr advice gig I found:


I sent the problem, stated exactly as above.

This is the business advice I received!

I looked at your request in detail and think I can provide tangible information to help…Let me jump right in.

I completely get your “grass is greener” issue. My wife would call it the “itchy remote syndrome” (it is not what is on, it is what else is on).

It is hard to wrap your head around one project when you have so many things you want to accomplish and do. You are putting 100% effort into what you do daily, but that effort is 10% here…12% here and so on….it feels like you are never gaining ground or completing anything on your “list”.

I would suggest the following exercise to organize your plan:

The goal is to determine your “why”. The reason that gets you out of bed every day, the muscle you train and flex everyday as it is “the thing you stand for”. I cannot determine that for you but it is really about how you effort where you are today looking into tomorrow.

The exercise I would suggest here is to do the following:

List the 25 things you want to accomplish / tasks that are important to you. 25 is not an easy number, but I think you can get there quickly. You have experiences and connections and areas of focus that I think can fill this sheet up quickly.

It can include everything from relationship to business to finances to “bucket list dreams” (I want to learn how to play the guitar…for example). I would suggest before reading further to sit in a quiet place and create your list….no particular order…but do limit the list to only 25 (this may take some prioritization as if you have more, you will need to trim it down).

Once you have your list…I want you to rank them 1 to 25 in the order of what is most important to you (or you want to accomplish the fastest). This will take some time as you must dig deep into your core to determine what is really the most important to you.

It may also cause you to refine your list to more specifics as pieces of a vague task may cause you to break it down into more digestible (and enjoyable) pieces. Do this step also, before moving on (or keep reading, I can’t control you…lol).

Now the hard part…

After you have your list of 25 ranked and organized…take the top 5 on this list and write them on one piece of paper. Take the remaining list…fold it into an envelope and put it away for safekeeping.

Now have the refined task list that you have prioritized as most important today!

The major learning from this exercise is this…when you spread out your focus among too many things (you try to keep too many “balls juggling in the air”), nothing ever gets the focus it needs to complete/be successful. If you make it to this point, you will have a defined list of things that defines your personal why (why you exist, what you are working for). Always Keep this list visible and with you.

At the point, you accomplish something on this list, cross it out, go back to your “master list” and add the next one (starting with “number 6”) and continue. Your mind will feel less cluttered, you will be able to tangibly track your progress (both in your mind and on paper) and you will now create momentum as you work through each day.

You will see progress that will make you feel great, and that feeling great will bring more progress.

Now…how do I start to attack this list today?

This comes down to two words…”DON”T WAIT”. Initiation of anything new is going to be uncomfortable and if you feel you need to wait until you “feel ready”, that moment will never come.

You will need to push yourself to action (and sometimes reaction) with a very diligent, disciplined focus. You are at the point you are now because your momentum and habits have taken you in a direction you did not want to go (not laziness or lack of intent, just a lack of a clear directive). You will now need to take actions that will feel awkward and uncomfortable at times, but doing things like

“Talking to someone you wouldn’t normally”, “Asking for that sale”, “Saying no to that party”, “Going to bed early”, “Getting up early so you can pull yourself one step closer to a goal”…all will activate parts of your brain, muscles in your body that you have not fully utilized before (I know, I am over-simplifying, but you get my point). Your confidence goes up, your feeling of momentum goes up, and overall…your success will go up.

Let’s talk about the upcoming week, for a start. You now have 5 goals (or areas of focus)…your first step will be “How do I attack these goals”.

Two choices:

  • Set a goal to move each of these 5 goals toward completion daily (harder, but breaks up the monotony)
  • Set a goal to move each goal significantly by the end of the week. You do this by assigning a task to a given day (one task a day for 5 days, 2 days to make up for any lost time, or recharge…your choice).

The idea is to use every available resource and energy toward these 5 goals when the opportunity is available. This is where your “want to” had to be measured and quantified.

You determine how much you can commit…and stick to it. Results may only be a feeling of progress internally to start…do not give up or slow down (that will be human nature “I am not seeing results, why continue to put forth the effort).

You are a motivated and energy-filled entrepreneur. Your talents have pulled you in many directions and it is time to focus on what you want, what you enjoy and what will bring you the most joy.

Now…I understand that you may have been looking for a more “technical” plan to develop your business…but right now, I see your energy as “rudderless”. You are rowing your boat as powerfully as you can, but not getting to your destination. I believe your first step is to organize your plan first, then apply technical aptitude and organizational design to that momentum.

I know that I threw a lot of info at you here…take a moment to internalize it and let me know if this helps. Reach out at any time as I want this information to be helpful.

It was very cool to work on your idea! I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Good luck in all you do,

Chad Mottice
“Where we Move your number today”