Awesome Hack to Inspire Writers to Create Genuine Content

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It struck me like a bolt of lightning when I was creating an order at one of the freelance writer sites I use,

I decided to stop asking writers to write the same old (boring) blog post content and dig a little deeper to share something personal.

Here’s the description of the project writers will consider:

I’d like to draw on the Writer Access network of writers for some career advice. I am considering changing careers. I am NOT fulfilled in my current job, although it pays the bills. I long to do something more fulfilling with my time but that would involve breaking free from Corporate America and starting my own biz.

I feel I can make a go of this if I dared. I’m smart and motivated enough and I could arrange enough money to live for about six months. But it will likely take longer than six months to establish the biz.

So here’s my question: Who has real-life experience leaving a job to start a business? And…..if you had a mission-critical list of must-do’s and must-not-do’s, what would they be?

Can you essentially write me a letter and lay it all out so that I can learn from your experience? And if you have expert advice, statistics and research to cite, all the better!

Not bad, huh?

Of course, I am not longing to change careers. I’m thrilled with where I’m at! Just trying to tickle some brains. Do you think it will work?